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The Department of Finance and Economics offers three degrees that provide the foundation you need to prepare for a career in finance, securities, real estate, law, and beyond, including a BA with a major in economics, a BBA with a major in finance or economics, and a minor in international business. Extend your classroom learning in our state-of-the-art T. Paul Bulmahn Research and Trading Lab, and join of our four student organizations, such as our 2018 Future of Energy Challenge-winning Net Impact Team, for even more opportunities for real-world applications of the skills you need to become a leader in finance and economics here in Central Texas or around the world.

BBA or BA in Economics

The economics programs emphasize a foundational understanding of the business field. It is designed with a greater focus on real-world applications of business and aids students in developing a deep understanding of micro and macroeconomics.
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Finance professor teaching in trading lab

BBA in Finance

The finance program will prepare students to be exceptional leaders in business and finance by cultivating their understanding of domestic and global finances. Students will have the opportunity to obtain practical and theoretical knowledge of the financial field.

MSQFE MS in Quantitative Finance & Economics

Students focus on the application of mathematics & statistics in the finance industry, while developing theoretical & quantitative skills in economic theory.
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