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Bachelor of Business Administration, major in Finance

Finance at Texas State University
Finance major course checksheets - course requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in Finance.   For catalog years prior to 2004 please contact your Academic Advisor.
Bachelor of Business Administration
The Finance Professional



In today’s dynamic global business environment the role of the finance professional is increasingly important.  Learning how to appropriately make investment and financing decisions is key to determining the monetary success of either the firm or the individual.  Further, being able to recognize the inherent risk of these decisions and knowing how to adequately hedge against uncertainty is crucial in our highly integrated system of capital markets.  Finance graduates typically enter careers in business or government or attain graduate degrees in business or law.


The Finance Major at Texas State University


The BBA degree in Finance at Texas State University allows students to choose courses that fit their desired career path:  managerial (corporate) finance, investments, international finance, banking, real estate, or financial planning.



Employment Opportunities and Suggested Finance Elective Courses
Managerial (Corporate) Finance
Employment opportunities
  • Treasury Functions
  • Forecasting Analysis
Suggested finance elective courses
·         Treasury Management
·         Case Problems in Finance or International Finance
Employment opportunities
·         Securities trading
Investment banking
Employment opportunities
·         Securities analysis
·         Pension fund management
·         Portfolio analysis and management
Suggested finance elective courses
·         Portfolio Analysis
·         International Finance
International Finance
Employment opportunities
·         Foreign investment and financial analysis
·         Multinational corporate management
·         International portfolio analysis and management
Suggested finance elective courses
·         International Finance
·         Portfolio Analysis or Commercial Bank Management
Employment opportunities
·         Bank lending and management
·         Savings and loan management
·         Banking regulation
·         Retail credit/lending analysis
Suggested finance elective courses
·         Commercial Bank Management
·         Portfolio Analysis or International Finance
Real Estate
Employment opportunities
·         Commercial sales, brokerage, appraisals, management
·         Residential sales, brokerage, appraisals, management
Suggested finance elective courses
·         Real Estate Finance
·         Portfolio Analysis