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Semester Course Schedule

Texas State University maintains a schedule of courses and sections for coming semesters under the Catsweb section of its website.  If you wish to check current and future course offerings, you may proceed directly to its site at:

Undergraduate Course Information

To enroll in upper-division courses, students must satisfy all prerequisites, be classified as a junior or senior, and be in good academic standing. Students should note that not all courses are taught each semester. If a specific course is needed, students should verify the prospective course offering with their advisor. For detailed information about courses offered through the Department of Finance and Economics:

Graduate Course Information

Courses are offered in accordance with the needs and funding availability of the McCoy College of Business Administration. Any student wishing to take a specific course should verify its scheduling with their McCoy College graduate advisor. Detailed information on graduate degrees offered by the McCoy College can be found on its graduate web page.