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Student Organizations

Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA)

ALPFA is the premier organization for expanding opportunities for Latino leadership in the global market. It expands opportunities for students who seek careers in business, accounting, finance, and related professions by empowering them to develop as leaders through the management of student chapters, delivering quality student programs focused on professional development, providing access to our industry network of professional members and sponsors, offering access to scholarship programs and creating opportunities to network with other students. Membership is open to anyone who shares our values, mission, and principles.

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Margot Quijano -


President - Andrea Gamez -
Vice President - Oscar Rangel-Vargas -
Teasurer - Diego Perez Torroella -

Financial Management Association (FMA)

Robert Garnett Student Chapter

The Robert Garnett chapter of the FMA is dedicated to furthering both education and knowledge of the field of finance and support of students seeking to obtain degrees in finance at Texas State University. The Financial Management Association at Texas State University allows students to become more familiar with the different career opportunities within the financial industry. FMA is open to all majors and has had a wide variety of speakers from such companies to come and speak about what their position entails, what they look for when hiring, and also possible internship positions.

FMA Facebook  FMA Instagram  FMA Twitter

Faculty Advisor:

Mr. Randall James -


President - Bekah Araujo -
Vice President - Brian McDonald -
Membership Affairs - Mostafa Kaseem -
Community Outreach - Jucary Estrada -
Webmaster - Tiara Shears -
Treasurer - Brandon Cole Smith -

Student Economics Association (SEA)

The Student Economics Association (SEA) was founded to further educate students in the economic arena and create a simplified environment for non-majors. SEA invites guest speakers and presenters to campus, offers tutoring services, and provides opportunities for students to network with each other, faculty, and guest speakers.

Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Bruce McClung -


President - Robert Bowie -
Vice President - Kaela Ruiz -
Treasurer - Diana Fuggiti -
Secretary - Adrian Alvarez -

Net Impact

Award-winning Net Impact provides members with hands-on experience at top quality, unique, sustainability projects on campus and along the IH 35 corridor. Net Impact is an organization of 60,000 global members including McCoy College’s gold chapter. Speakers at General Meetings bring first-hand knowledge on the 3P’s—people, planet and profit—in business including crowd funding and energy auditing innovators. Members learn through practice by becoming a project manager at one or more of the major projects. Projects are the backbone of the organization. Make a positive impact in the world participating in initiatives, such as, Up to Us (reducing the national debt Silver Award presented by President Clinton), Awake Aware America (blending technology and sustainability for “at promise” high school students recognized by President Obama), Circuit of the Americas (working with data collection and resource recovery at MOTO GP and FORMULA 1), Green Impact Campaign (auditing 54% of the buildings on campus saving the university $40,000) and other opportunities to lead and to learn. 

Net Impact Facebook  Net Impact Instagram  Net Impact Twitter

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Janet Hale - jh
President - Chrisoforo Benavides -
Vice Presidents - Teal'c Davis -
Michael Andrus -
Barbara Echevarria -
Edgar Borjas-Juarez -
Treasurer - Jose Sanchez -
Marketing Head - Taylor Walter -
Membership - Jyair Norman -
Social Media - Maria Hallam -

Students in International Business (SIB)

Students in International Business (SIB) is a student organization at Texas State University that welcomes students of all majors. The mission of SIB is to connect students to international business experience and assist them in their path to a career and leadership positions within the field of international business. The purpose of SIB is to increase student awareness about international business, create a forum for discussing international business issues, provide opportunities for students to interact with international business professionals, and prepare students for career and leadership positions in international business.

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Jack Mogab -
President - Hannah Kuse -
Vice President - Savannah Shuman -
Treasurer - Nikita Demidov -
Secretary - Aubrey Martin -
VP Marketing - Tommy Cutler -
VP Promotions & VP Recruitment - Juan Zirion -