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Department of Finance and Economics

About the Department of Finance and Economics

Welcome to the Department of Finance and Economics of the Emmett and Miriam McCoy College of Business Administration at Texas State University.
Our offices are located in McCoy Hall, centrally situated on campus in close proximity to the Alkek Library, the LBJ Student Center, as well as university dining and housing facilities.
The department is responsible for instruction leading to bachelor of business administration degrees with majors in both finance and economics, as well as the bachelor of arts degree with a major in economics. A minor in international business is also offered through the college. In addition to major courses, the department provides supporting courses in finance, economics and business law for the McCoy College of Business Administration, and for the university at large.
During the 2013 academic year, about 681 students majored in departmental areas.  Of those majors, 536 pursued a finance major, and 145 chose one of the two economics majors. During the previous five years, the department offered an average of 188 sections of departmental courses each year, representing service to more than an average of  9,700 students per year.